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remembering deceased loved ones

Spirit World Daily - Daily spiritual news from around the world
... of the bestselling booklets on praying for the deceased, now this potent little book on how to say a ... lifting mind and heart to God and remembering loved ones who have pass on: Fr. Groeschel leads ...
After the Funeral, Sheenan Funeral Home is still there
... ceremony remembering loved ones. angel gift pins were distributed to everyone, and in conclusion families were asked to pick up their personalized ornament with the name of the deceased loved one ...
Rabin Medical Center
... Remembering Loved Ones How can one keep the memory of a loved one alive? A donation dedicated to someone you hold dear is the perfect way to express your devotion. The name of the deceased will ...
Orthodox Lessons from the Ascension Bulletin
... Names may be turned in on namedays or anniversaries of the death of the loved ones. Remembering our deceased loved ones is an act of love. What God does perfectly, we do in our limited way ...
Parish Bulletin
... We still have some weekend and daily Masses available, a truly Christian way of remembering our deceased loved ones, as well as a monthly "Community Mass;" or you might enroll a deceased loved one ...
Remembering Our Loved Ones
Remembering Our Loved Ones Please allow me to share a short Chinese parable with you. A long time ago ... A few days ago, I had a dream about my deceased father. When I awoke, I felt a resurgent ...
Helping Cruse
... &.. A special way of remembering loved ones Instead of showing ... struggling with the loss of a loved one through some of the ... and the name of the deceased and date of their passing ...

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