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Grief Support Resources

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Vegas Lawyer Is Proud To Sponsor The Grieve.Info Support Site:

The Grieve.Info site is a collection of grief support resources.

  • How To Deal With Grief

    • How does grief differ from depression?

    • How will I know when I'm done grieving?

  • Grief Support Groups

  • Grief Resources

  • Memorials To Loved Ones

  • Funeral Information

    • The Funeral Rule

    • Planning For A Funeral

  • Grief Support Index

  • How To Deal With Grief

    How does grief differ from depression?

    Depression is more than a feeling of grief after losing someone or something you love. Clinical depression is a whole body disorder. It can take over the way you think and feel. Symptoms of depression include:

    • A sad, anxious, or "empty" mood that won't go away;
    • Loss of interest in what you used to enjoy;
    • Low energy, fatigue, feeling "slowed down;"
    • Changes in sleep patterns;
    • Loss of appetite, weight loss, or weight gain;
    • Trouble concentrating, remembering, or making
    • decisions;
    • Feeling hopeless or gloomy;
    • Feeling guilty, worthless, or helpless;
    • Thoughts of death or suicide or a suicide attempt;
    • and
    • Recurring aches and pains that don't respond to treatment.

    How will I know when I'm done grieving?

    Every person who experiences a death or other loss must complete a four-step grieving process:

    (1) Accept the loss;
    (2) Work through and feel the physical and emotional pain of grief;
    (3) Adjust to living in a world without the person or item lost; and
    (4) Move on with life.

    The grieving process is over only when a person completes the four steps.

    Read more about
    How To Deal With Grief.

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