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  • Genetics Overview

  • Genetics Overview


    Genetics is the study of genes, inheritance, and their biologial effects on population diversity.

    One of the most ambitious research endeavors is the Human Genome Project with the goal to completely map and characterize the genomes of humans and other model organisms. The completed sequencing of the human genome was announced in April 2003.


    The total genetic material contained with in a cell.

    In prokaryotes this it in cytoplasmic DNA. In eukaryotes, the major source is in the chromosomes within the nucleus. However, the mitochondrion also has DNA which can contribute to the genetic profile, particularly, in determining which genes are expressed.


    The genetic material inherited from both parents, only one of which is expressed in the phenotype, and not necessarily expressed in a single generation.

    Genomic Clones

    Clones designed to include as much genomic DNA as possible. In contrast to clones derived from cDNA, genomic clones are derived from the original chromosomes, in order to minimise the number of clones required to be isolated.

    The following vector systems have been developed.

      lambda phage,

      plasmid-phage hybrids, eg. cosmids,

      yeast artificial chromosomes (YAC).

      phage P1 or the F element origins of replication (PAC and BAC).

    The combination of genetic material from one species to another in one organism. The most common example is the Mule, a cross between a Donkey and a Horse.

    Because of differences in the length and compatability of chromosomes from the two species, the organism is incapable of sexual reproduction.


    Propagation of an organism by transferring a fragment of DNA carrying its genome, into another.

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