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  • Schizotypal Disorder

  • Schizotypal Disorder

    Schizotypal Characteristics and Traits

    Schizotypals are convinced that, behind their back, they are a constant topic of derision, mockery, criticism, or gossip. They suffer from ideas of reference. This is part of a larger pattern of bizarre beliefs, "theories", convictions, "scenarios", superstitions, and conspiracies that they adopt. Although generally not prone to delusions, the schizotypal is steeped in the occult and the esoteric to the exclusion of rational thinking and to the detriment of proper daily functioning.

    Some schizotypals report "supernatural" experiences, including perceptual distortions - such as "out of body" voyages, remote viewing, clairvoyance, telepathy, or recurrent coincidences. They report these events in a private language which is difficult to fathom due to its excessive use of metaphors, vagueness, circumspection, complexity, or stereotypes. The schizotypal's thinking is similarly convoluted and hermetic.

    Schizotypals dress oddly, behave eccentrically, and appear to be weird. Recurrent encounters with social impatience and ridicule due to their idiosyncrasies causes most schizotypals to become suspicious and even paranoid. Persecutory ideation is not uncommon. They trust few, usually first-degree relatives. Though not vulnerable to criticism, they tend to avoid social settings, convinced that everyone is "out to get them". The schizotypal is certain that the world is a hostile and unpredictable place and, thus, best avoided.

    Criticism of the Diagnostic Category

    The Schizotypal Personality Disorder is one of the most culture-bound mental health diagnoses in the American Psychiatric Association's Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. Many of the diagnostic criteria refer to behaviors which are utterly normative in certain cultures or sub-cultures. The schizotypal is a "strange bird" and puts emphases on his or her uniqueness in dress, thought patterns, speech, and actions. That such choices qualify as mental illness is arguable, though.

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